Job search - a few good places to start

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Job search - a few good places to start

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Here are a few good places to start when searching for a job as you prepare to transition to the civilian job sector. Please feel free to create a new post in this forum with your job request or with questions about the public job sector.

and now the links...check these out - they're worth it.

Department of the Navy - Civilian Human Resources
Understanding the General Schedule (GS) - Wikipedia - Veterans Resources

Please reply to this post with other resources that will be helpful to the CPO community when searching for a job.
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Re: Job search - a few good places to start

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I work at NSLC Det. Norfolk, managing Combat Systems PMS (Guns & Displays). My office is currently looking for two individuals with networking background (FC/IT/ET) and Counter-Measures experience (EW/CT). This is a contractor job with the potential for a permanent GS position(it worked for me ). This is one of those little unadvertised opportunities that pop-up once-in-awhile during the networking process. Its a desk job with occassional travel. If any retired or retiring Chiefs are interested, they can contact me at
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