Officer lobbies Navy for ballistic missile defense award

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Officer lobbies Navy for ballistic missile defense award

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Ballistic missile defense patrols, ramping up in the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, can be quite boring and rightly so: Incoming nuclear rockets remain a rarity. But now a BMD officer has offered a way to boost sailor morale on this tedious but important mission.

Lt. j.g. Zachary Howitt has issued a call for a special ribbon or badge to recognize the nerve-wracking work of staying ready to shoot down rockets at a moment’s notice for months at a time.

“What is needed is a real way to recognize BMD service to the fleet, starting with the most junior sailor,” Howitt wrote in a July 31 post on the U.S. Naval Institute’s blog. “In fact, we need to do more than recognize it; we need to make it prestigious among the surface warfare community.”

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