Navy FCU Senior Enlisted Loan Refi Program

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Navy FCU Senior Enlisted Loan Refi Program

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Received via email... :coffee:

Read the bottom of this email chain, this is a great deal from NFCU! Wendy and I called last night and got the APR lowered on one of our car loans, all it takes is a phone call and have to fax them my LES. What they are doing is running your credit and seeing what APR you currently qualify for (not what you qualified for when you started the loan) and if that is the same or lower than the APR you currently have then you will get the new APR minus an additional 1%. Trust me it

--- snip ---

Brothers and Sisters,

If you don't know already, NFCU just started the Senior Enlisted Program
(for E-7/8/9)...

What this does is allows you to get 1.0% below the current loan rates.

For those of you that are like me and don't borrow money (recommended) but have existing loans out there regardless of whether they are with NFCU or different bank, they will re-finance you. A friend of mine just enrolled in the S.E.P. and had both of her existing NFCU auto loans interest rates lowered, one of them from 7.09% down to 3.09% and the other went from 5.09 down to 3.09%. This is going to save her just over $1,000 and lowered her monthly PMTs (both loans values add up to $14,000ish). Remember that if you got your loans years ago, the interest rates are a lot lower these days then to add another 1.0% off... good deal!

This program is ONLY offered to E-7/8/9, is completely free (no extra fees) and there is no penalty for paying the loans off early (also recommended).
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Rick Sandlin (Formerly FCC(SW))
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