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WikiLeaks website

Post by haydog »

Just a short notice to ensure you pass on to your sailors to keep away from the WikiLeaks
Website. The infomation conatained is classsified and will be a reportable incident if viewed from any NMCI computer or home CPU. PROTECT THIS HOUSE

Thomas Hayward (ITC RET)
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Re: WikiLeaks website

Post by krnl »

Thanks haydog. The wikileaks website is being discussed on another forum that I run as well, and I have redacted links to their site in an effort to make a minimal impact on the spreading of information through our links. Your guidance is perfect, and should be heeded by every service member, every government employee and every conscientious civilian in the US.

The mere fact that classified information has been made public does not declassify it. The information is still classified and could subject people to problems if classified information is found on unclassified processing systems, regardless of how it got there. The safest and best way to stay away from this problem is to NOT VISIT THE WIKILEAKS WEBSITE>

Carry on!
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Rick Sandlin (Formerly FCC(SW))
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Re: WikiLeaks website

Post by uss_jim »

They apparently know where this numb nut is along with his minions. Correct me if I am wrong. We are at war. Treason is punishable by death. Giving away secrets is treason. If my math is correct, when you carry the 3 the answer is just kill them outright and put an end to it. They are no better than the dress wearing turbab toting insurgents shooting at the troops. The war has made it here agan, or still.
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