Nickname for CMC's

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Nickname for CMC's

Post by Semilogical »

On the first two ships I was on in the 70's the CMC was referred to as Davey Jones. I was on a few other ships through the years and some did refer to the CMC as DJ and some did not.

Does anyone know the story behind why the CMC was called Davey Jones?

I recently was in a conversation with a younger sailor and was discussing what I would do if a certain event happened. He figured straight to Captains Mast. I was always under the assumption the Division Chief would help a sailor out, and then the Division Senior/Master Chief would step in and represent the sailor with the CMC (Davey Jones). As a young sailor I went through that sequence of events and found out what Chiefs were all about. My MC backed me all the way and nothing came of the situation. I also saw some sailors go to the CMC and get more extra duty than I would ever have wanted, we were more afraid of Davey Jones than we were of the Captain.

Oh well, just wondering if anyone had seen the same term used and when.

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Re: Nickname for CMC's

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In nearly 28 years I never heard the term related to the CMC.
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